Zambian bride weds fiance in hospital bed after losing his leg 2 weeks before their wedding


Talk about true love. It doesn’t get any better than this.Be inspired.

Suzyo Muzuri, 28, and longtime love, Diniwe Bowa, 27,  wedded on Sunday June 7, 2015 at a service conducted by Bethel Christian Center’s Bishop Andrew Mwenda. The ceremony took place inside Ward 11 at University Teaching Hospital in Zambia.

The couple’s decision to marry in the hospital wasn’t exactly by design, but rather, swift decision that had to be made as a result of circumstances beyond their control.

Suzyo and Diniwe had spent months planning their wedding day when just two weeks before it was to hold, tragedy struck. Diniwe got involved in a serious car accident and lost his leg as a result.

So rather than postpone the event for a later date, Suzyo and Diniwe decided to go ahead and have the ceremony as planned. Talk about resilience.

Speaking with well-wishers during the ceremony, the bride’s mother said:

“This is an emotional time for the family because instead of the accident breaking the couple, it has remained strong and has refused to be defeated. I am very proud of my daughter and my son-in-law. Theirs is a love story that will stand the test of time,”

She said instead of listening to gossips from people after the accident, her daughter remained committed to marrying her husband no matter his physical condition.

The officiating Bishop, Andrew Mwenda, said during the ceremony that marriage signified sacrifice, loyalty and commitment.

“This wedding expresses genuine commitment to one another. My message to the couple is to remain committed even when it seems impossible. Sincere commitment is very important,” he said.

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Source: Q FM

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  1. : ) : ) : ) Congrat-ula-tions! Congra-tula-tions to the newly we-dded couple Suzyo Muzuri, 28, a-nd longtime love, Dini-we Bowa, 27! I wish yo-u both many years of happy we-dded life together a-nd many happy child-re-n! May yo-ur days together as husba-nd a-nd wife be bl-es-sed a-nd long. God Bl-es-s Yo-u both! Goo-d-luck! : ) : ) : )

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