You Won’t Believe What Angelina Jolie Gifted Brad Pitt as Wedding Present



Angeline Jolie sure knows how to spoil her man Brad Pitt with give the perfect gift. The Hollywood heavyweight and humanitarian forked out a whooping #250,000 to purchase the last typewriter Ernest Hemingway (he was a respected Hollywood writer) used before killing himself.


I’m all about the “out-of-the-box” thinking, and even though I completely understand the sweet gesture giving his trade, I still can’t help but think ‘what the hell?” I mean, the idea of gifting your new husband a typewriter that was supposedly used in scripting Hemingway’s last words before taking his own life is a bit much, even by freaky Hollywood standard. But what do I know?


According to TMZ, Hemingway used the typewriter for his works in the late 1930s, and “For Whom the Bell Tolls” was published in 1940.


Good for them. I wish them all the best. And I think Angelina Jolie has earn the right to splurge however she see fit–not that I have anything to say about it.  She is such a leading example for other celebrity. She’s done so much good for humanity than most of her peers. Good for her!


Check out more photos, below;


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