Woman stole credit cards and used them to pay for breast implants…

Constance Lakeysha Zellous, pictured above in several of her numerous mugshot, is well-known to Florida law enforcement. The Orlando woman has a long rap sheet that includes multiple arrests for credit card fraud.

Orlando police busted Zealous and 7 other thugs for using stolen credit cards to purchase breast implants, liposuction, gold teeth, handbags and shoes.

Police say at least 16 women used stolen credit card numbers to ring up thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery and dental work.

Zellous was arrested with 7 other women following a yearlong sting referred to as “Operation Nip Tuck.”

Police are still searching for three other women in the Orlando area. Zellous was known to post Instagram photos before and after her surgeries.

“Nervous as heck! But God got me!! Lord give me strength,” she wrote in a photo caption on Instagram before getting breast implants.

“Constantly, you would see them on Facebook and Instagram showing their pictures just a few days after their surgery,” Detective Todd Herb told WFTV.

Workers at Paradise Dental figured out Zellous was using someone’s stolen credit card and called police.

Zellous was also arrested in 2013 for stealing temporary credit card slips from customers at her job at an Orlando Macy’s store.

Surveillance video from the Macy’s store showed Zellous putting one customer’s temporary credit card slip in her bra.

She later used the stolen credit card slip to make purchases at the Macy’s store where she worked.

Herb said the victims, who ranged in age from 20 to 24, had their credit ruined by the credit card theft ring.

He said it would take decades to find all of the victims.


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