Woman finds out her fiance of THREE YEARS married another woman this weekend!

A Nigerian woman named Shalom Miriam Shehun has been dumped by her fiancé in the absolute worst way. According to reports, the man she was engaged and just got married to another woman and She had to find out about it on Instagram.

Reports say that Shehu reported that she received a call from the two-timing man right after the wedding ceremony. Shehu allegedly reported that the man, allegedly named Taiwo, claimed that he was in love with her.

The reports further say that Shehu is currently living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. The reports also say that Shehu allegedly paid for significant amount of Taiwo’s tuition fees for his masters degree.

Reports say that Taiwo and Shehu were engaged for three years straight before she learned he married another woman from an Instagram post. She must be in a lot of pain to learn that not only was she deceived for her heart and body but made the victim of fraud for her money.

Shehu now considers the man she loved for three years to be an absolute monster. According to reports, she says that he will never find happiness and contentment of mind after doing this to her. Continue to see more tweets below…



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