Will Smith caught cheating as racy photos of him with ‘Focus’ costar Margot Robbie emerge


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star-magazine-cover As reported earlier, actor Will Smith is caught in cheating scandal with costar Margot Robbie emerges. as racy photos of actor with ‘Focus’  costar Margot Robbie emerge. In images obtained by Star magazine, the married 45-year-old actor is seen  playfully posing in a photo booth with the 23-year-old actress on Oct. 25.

The two, who reportedly just wrapped filming together that day in New Orleans,  can be seen getting silly in a series of snapshots by lifting up their shirts  and cuddling up for the camera. Will Smith shows off his bare chest, while Margot Robbie exposes her white lace bra.

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have always denied any marital trouble, but this photographic evidence is going to be tough to explain away!

Two days before the pictures leaked, Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith was  photographed sans her wedding ring at an event at the Montage Hotel in Los  Angeles, fueling rumors that their 15-year-marriage may be on the rocks.

In April, Pinkett-Smith told Huff Post live that her husband “is his own man” and “can do  whatever” he wants, sparking chatter that the Hollywood couple have an open  marriage.


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