Wendy Williams admits that her son battled marijuana addiction…

Opinionated talk show host, Wendy Williams, premiered the new season of her show with a shocking personal revelation. Usually, “Hot Topics” is when she tells her viewers about the salacious scandals involving other celebs, but yesterday Williams revealed some shocking news when she let her viewers know that her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., is battling an addiction to synthetic marijuana. She said:

“So the most important thing that happened this summer, which was a life-changing thing for the Hunter family, is our son was made exposed to synthetic marijuana and he was exposed by a loved one who he looked up to. It’s one of those pens where you don’t see the smoke and you don’t smell anything.”

“I was duped. Our kid had been smoking this mess. He got turned out…to the point where he went off the rails for a moment.”

“The reason that we, me and my husband and my son, we are choosing to share this with you, this is not a surprise to any of us. We’ve had several family meetings over the summer and it was so hard for me to be on the road because Kevin and Kevin Jr. were not there with me and I’m trying to make funny on the tour, but in actuality my heart is breaking and my son could’ve been dead.”

“To the parents and guardians watching right now, just talk to your kids. This synthetic marijuana, there was only like 2 percent THC in it. The rest was of it was factory manufactured mess. Fortunately, Kevin has two parents who took harness of the thing. We took him out of the country for holistic treatment. We didn’t want to pump him up with psychiatric drugs and all that other kind of mess. I’m glad to say our boy is on the good side of good now.”

I can’t help but notice how Wendy is blaming the person who supposedly introduced Kevin Jr. to the substance and not enough blame on herself or husband. Like seriously, does she need to be reminded that children with drug addicts as parents are prone to being addicts themselves? Whatever you say, Wendy. I just hope Kevin Jr. is receiving all the help that he needs.


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