Vivica A. Fox’s yummy ex-boyfriend, Omar Slim White talks explicitly about sex–He’s looking all kind of fine!


Let’s talk about SEX!!!

Have you ever had sex that was so good that you didn’t want to leave that person afterwards?


The chemistry was so strong that you could feel this “connection” on a spiritual level?


Remember the article I wrote about the energy which flows through a couple as they “open” their vessel during this intimate act?


Well basically a man is a KEY and a Woman is a Locked DOOR so when a man unlocks a woman, a vortex is created which allows this Cosmic energy to Flow through both Vessels which is why the bible speaks about marriage and allowing GOD to Enter this Union


(Marriage in the humanly sense is superficial as it only identifies your status with your local government for tax purposes… Hence the reason most marriages fail statistically)


True Marriage is True Spiritual Bond…
(There’s nothing wrong with Ceremonies, only if the intentions are pure)


GOD is energy which flows through everything! Just like the word Allah has the word ALL in the beginning


So having sex should be taken very serious if you understand its power!


Ladies have you ever wondered why Men may feel the need to “leave” after he reaches his Orgasm?


If the man did a good job of Charging the woman up spiritually then it makes her want to hold him and not let him go but if the Man doesn’t feel the return on his investment (Semen Released) then he feels drained and has the Urge to Flee.


Men I’m sure you’ve experience this feeling, where after you release it caused you to make an excuse and leave… (“Hey baby I have a meeting” or “Hey baby I have to hit the gym”)


This is why people should stop having sex if you’re not connected to that person spiritually


Every time a man ejaculates he releases 200-500 million sperm cells which is enough to populate the entire United States of America
(Men stop wasting your seed unnecessarily)


Ladies if you want a GODLY man then raise your energy/spirit to the highest levels possible to attract that in which you seek


Men the same goes for you!

It takes two to Tangle!


TWO electrical beings who are divinely connected have the ability to open a portal of cosmic energy which is why it makes you feel so GOOD spiritually when you connect with a partner of Like caliber


Anything of lower vibration cannot withstand this higher vibration of energy that flows through both beings which explains this Euphoria you feel afterwards




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