Transgender Muslim woman Raina Aliev hacked to death after her wedding

Raina Aliev, previously known as Adam, was killed several days after a show wedding to a man called Viktor, reported local Ren TV.

Transgender Adam Aliev became Raina and was disowned by her family
Transgender Adam Aliev became Raina and was disowned by her family

The killing took place after the victim’s father Alimshaikh Aliev told a TV station: “Let him be killed, I don’t want to see him.

“Bring him here and kill him in front of my eyes.”

Raina had reportedly warned police about a murder threat.

It was unclear where the killing took place but the victim’s body was “cut up” and left unrecognisable.

The victim was from an ethnic Chechen family living in Dagestan, a Muslim region between the Caspian Sea and Chechnya in the Russian Trans-Caucasus.

Following sex change surgery in Moscow around a month ago, a wedding ceremony was held and the murder took place several days later, according to reports.

It is unclear if the marriage was official.

The circumstances of the killing have not been disclosed.

“He was hated for his non-traditional sexual orientation and when he changed his sex he was damned and received threats,” stated Ren TV.

“The young man decided to change his sex because he wanted to marry the man he loved, Viktor from Karachaevo-Cherkessiya [another mainly Muslim region in southern Russia].”

The wedding “shocked” locals, reported Russian Dialog news site.

A female neighbour said the victim’s father “had a stroke” when he discovered about the sex change and wedding and issued a “purman”, inviting people to kill his son.

“He cheated them, he went there to Moscow, had surgery and he turned from a boy to a girl,” said the neighbour.

“And now in Chechnya it is known too.

“The father gave a purman.

Raina held a show marriage with her partner Viktor
Raina held a show marriage with her partner Viktor

“His mother is saying ‘I don’t want to see him, I gave birth to a son, but what for? It is such a disgrace for the family’.

“If the mother and father give a purman, it means they want him to be killed.”

The mother was reported to be “crying day and night” over the operation and alleged wedding.

A Dagestan Mufti was quoted by KP newspaper saying: “Changing sex is totally forbidden, because it means that a man will be a woman.

“It is totally forbidden in Islam.

“Changing sex is a protest against Allah.

“Such surgery can be performed only in one case: when a person was born as a hermaphrodite and must decided what sex he wants to belong.

“If a person changed his sex for another reason, he is damned, along with the surgeon who performed it.”

Raina was born Adam but underwent a surgery that included breast implants and penis removal
Raina was born Adam but underwent a surgery that included breast implants and penis removal

The surgery included the removal of the penis and breast implants, it was claimed.

Deputy head of the village administration Abdutagur Israpilov said: “I knew Adam. He liked to put on tight leggings, his manners were feminine, even his voice was like a girl’s.

“He finished school and went to live in Makhachkala [the regional capital], and then Moscow, where he worked in night clubs and made good money.

“I don’t blame him [for the sex change].

“His feminine nature had won, so he decided to correct the mistake.

“I heard that Adam changed his sex to marry a man from Kabardino-Balkariya.”

Israpilov said: “He received threats. He appealed to police and a local policeman visited our administration because of it, and also a man from the prosecutor’s office came.

“Every second man in the Caucasus wanted to kill him.

“According to our traditions, it is just a disgrace for his family, it is a dirt on the whole Caucasus.

“This surgery came as a shock for his mother, she is not talking to anybody now. His father got a stroke.

“Adam wrote a letter to his friend and said he was angry about his relatives.

“He said: ‘When they asked me for help, I sent them money, but they betrayed me when they got to know about the surgery’.

The village official said: “I did not recognise Adam’s cut-up body when it was brought to the village.”


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