Train crashes into an SUV leaving six people dead and 15 injured in New York City



Six people are reportedly dead in what has been dubbed the deadliest railroad crash in New York City’s history, after a crowded commuter train slammed into an SUV on the tracks north of New York City on Tuesday.

The Jeep was stopped on the tracks when a railroad crossing gate came down on top of it. The driver got out, checked the rear of the vehicle, and then she got back in and drove forward and was struck by the train, the agency said.

The crash caused the SUV to explode in a fireball that set the front of the train ablaze, officials said. About 15 people were hurt. The driver of the Jeep was also killed.

Again, this is the deadliest accident in the history of the Metro-North system, which carries about 285,000 passengers a day.



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