Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses-NIGERIA

Traditional bridesmaids dresses are an exciting addition to any weddings events. And even though the bride is the main focus on her wedding da, bridesmaids too want to look beautiful, sexy and elegant on that day as well. Who knows how might be watcing *wink*. Afterall, there have been so many instances of couple finding each other on their friend’s wedding and then getting married shorly after that. It happens all the time, so why not?

We have some of the cute bridesmaids in lovely traditional attire.  Hapy viewing!


Gbenga & Uzo 1782 _EXN8387

wedding2 425362_642413672454128_2062007884_n bm4 bm9 DSC_6524 DSC_6537 Gbenga & Uzo 1789 Gbenga & Uzo 1804


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