[Photos]Tina Knowles Star-Studded 60th Birthday Masquerade Party

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Beyoncé Knowles and baby sister Solange Knowles, on Saturday threw their mother, Tina Knowles a spectacular $100.000 worth formal masquerade party  at Muriel Jackson square restaurant known for their delicious Créole cuisine.

All of  Tina’s family, friends, and many familiar faces from the music industry came out in large number to celebrate her 60th birthday. In-law, Jay Z, Kelly Rowland, Monica and Shannon Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Kris Jenner, Kevin Liles, Gayle King, Ty Hunter, and Gloria Carter (JAY Z‘s mother) were  also in attendance.

It was an all-black event, and guests could be seen wearing assorted dramatic masks in glamorous colors and kinds

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Tina Knowles Arrives With Her Boyfriend
Tina Knowles Arrives With Her Boyfriend

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