Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz & baby’s mother faces paternity scandal…

The Tanzanian singer who recently and happily, I might add, welcomed his first child with his Ugandan girlfriend, Zari (who already has 3 children from previous relationship), is facing some serious paternity scandal after a man named Lawrence King showed up claiming to be the real father of his newborn child.

Shmmmm! Some’s got some explaining to do!

According to Nairobi News, Zari was married to Ivan Ssemwanga whose cousin, Lawrence King is now demanding paternity test on the baby girl named Tiffah. A court paper was also filed by King Lawrence at Web Advocates and Solicitors law firm and served to Zari on Saturday August 15th stating that Lawrence is demanding that a DNA test be carried out on the baby girl in three countries within seven days to certify who the true father of the child is.

Below is a copy of the court paper that was filed…


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