Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie pulls the best April Fool joke on him…and its was amazing! Lol

Marjorie Harvey was the real MVP of this year’s April Fool’s Day. The socialite began by posting a fake announcement that she had joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Turns out hubby Steve Harvey wasn’t in on the joke and his reaction to the news is priceless. Check out his message to her. Lol


?????? #aprilfools #marjorieharvey #gotcha @iamsteveharveytv @theladylovescouture

A photo posted by Marjorie Harvey (@marjorie_harvey) on


Phew!!! Thank God this was an April Fool joke… a good one, too! But on a serious note, Marjorie is way too classy for those ratchet shows! Any form of affiliation with such shows would definitely tarnish her classy image.


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