Stephen Belafonte claims he’s broke and can’t find a place to live, wants Mel B to pay for his livelihood

42-year-old Stephen Belafonte says that now the he’s estranged from his wife, Mel B — he can’t afford to live. He wants Mel to pay up so that he can stop ‘couch surfing’ and get a place of his own.

via TMZ:

Stephen has filed legal docs in his divorce case saying he’s tapped out to the point he’s couch surfing with friends … unable to afford a place of his own after being kicked out of the family home.

Speaking of the family home … it’s up for sale for $8 mil, but Stephen says Mel B’s making it super difficult to sell. He claims an NFL player was interested in the home but she refused to show it to him.

He doesn’t say how much he wants in spousal support but does say, “We lived a very comfortable, upper-class lifestyle … money was never an obstacle.” Now he says he has a $60k balance on a credit card, can’t pay it off and it’s ruining his credit.

He says he’s making squat … no money at all, but she’s raking in between $220k and $250k a month. He says in 2015, she scored $1.587 mil from “America’s Got Talent.” He says she gets $300k a year from Jenny Craig and $400k a year from other stuff.

As for him, he says all the negative stories surrounding the divorce have cost him an opportunity to earn $500k on a project.

Stephen also wants at least $200k for his divorce lawyers and $55k for his accountant.

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