South African gay singer, Koyo Bala, dies of Anal cancer…

After battling anal cancer for a couple of years, South African gay singer and socialite, Koyo Bala, has succumbed to his illness. His family and friends announced the news of his death on Twitter.

37-year-old Bala, who was a member of the group, 3Sum, was also HIV positive. He had undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in the past years.

Bala died on March 7th at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town.

Molingoana told City Press that Bala’s condition didn’t look promising when he dropped him off at OR Tambo International Airport on the way to the hospital:

“His condition had deteriorated. He couldn’t even walk, he had to use a wheelchair.”

Koyo, who disclosed his HIV status in 2012, had been living with the pains of the cancer for years and, according to close associates, had battled long and had trusted that God could heal him.

He once told a magazine that he was stronger that his HIV.

“HIV won’t be the end of me … I am HIV-positive and as a celebrity and someone who is openly gay it is important to come out.

I want to use my bubbly personality to help those struggling to come to terms with their status and instil a sense of hope.”

A month before he died, precisely on February 13, 2016, Bala had tweeted:
“I pray to God every day to pass this cancer. It’s hard, it pains, I’ll win this battle, I won’t give up. I can’t sleep of pain.”

He also quoted copiously from the Bible in other tweets.

Continue to see one of his final tweets,  as well as condolences from friends who are mourning his death;






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