Snoop Dogg calls Bruce Jenner a ‘Science Project’ and wonder why the media isn’t giving Akon’s big project more attention…


If you were expecting Snoop Dogg to jump on the bandwagon of Bruce Jenner’s praise-singers, then you are in for a shock. Snoop is clearly not having any of all this “Bruce Jenner’s living his true self,” crap. And what’s more profound is that he’s not afraid to express exactly how he feels about the matter. He’s unapologetic.

The legendary rapper took to his social media page to express disappointment at the media’s relentless support, glorification, and idolization of Bruce Jenner as they quickly dubbed him…or her a hero. In his opinion, Bruce/Caitlyn or whatever, is nothing but a “science project.”

Snoop also wonders why mainstream media outlets aren’t showing singer Akon more support, even though Akon had just launched a solar academy system that would supply electrical power for over 600 million Africans.

Countless Instagram and Twitter users reposted in agreement after Snoop did. Check it out below…




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54 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg calls Bruce Jenner a ‘Science Project’ and wonder why the media isn’t giving Akon’s big project more attention…

  1. I think it is so very awful that this is news. He can have all the sex change surgeries he wants but he is still a man or should I say a weak man. Take Bruce off the news. Congrats to Akon.

    1. I agree with Snoop and I will also go as far as to say that this Jenner thing is just a stunt to get more attention for him and make money. Akon I give you great props and say God bless U, keep up the good work, God is watch and applauding U. Don’t be surprised if down the road he wants to change back.

    2. People like Roz are why Jenner is news. She is a Woman. You are being a bigot. We want bigots to go away. Therefore news that elicits reaction from bigots will remain news.

      It helps the rest of us weed out the assholes from our lives.

      1. It really doesn’t matter what any of Bruce Jenner’s supporters think or say.
        The Truth Is The Proof! God can’t make mistakes. Otherwise it wouldn’t be God. So the Truth is simple. Bruce Jenner is a MAN! He is and always will be a man genetically. Science can’t change was God made to be. He was born a boy and he will die a man. Albeit one who likes to play dress up in female clothes and wear make up.
        I don’t care who doesn’t like the facts I just stated. Take that up with God since He is who your argument is really with anyway. Reminds me of a play back in the day. “Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God!” If you think you can win that one, you living not in Truth. But on lies. And the Hell Fire will be your abode. The Bible says, ye who adds to or take away from the word, shall be erased from the book of life. And there is nothing that says anything that cacels that in the Bible. Not one Holy Book allows for this psychotic behavior. He is nothing more than a perverted science project gone mad.

          1. By whoever made man up and mankind can’t change what he/she’s been made as. Which is why no matter how we try, mankind is limited. Even those who don’t believe, they can neither create no change God’s creation. HE made them man, and woman, and it remains like that. Period.
            After he has enjoyed his manhood, he wants to enjoy womanhood. “They” want everything for “themselves” but it all ends when your time is up, and you can’t change that! Sorry

      2. LMFAO oh yes… totallly! bigot…

        fuck bruce… wants to be a girl then let him. But fuck him and his family. Genetics didn’t fuck up. His brain got fucked up after that family.

        either way he is still a horrible tranny…

      3. What rubbish, he is a man, he was born a man, he will die a man all be it a man that likes to wear high heels and dresses. That doesn’t make me a bigot, it makes me a realist.

      4. Yeah, he is a “woman” alright…. Let me know when this 67 year old dude with shaved off chins and neck lines, fake boobs, estrogen loaded and photoshop deluded grand pa manages to get his dick surgically removed. And then maybe be his balls too. Oh wait….he didn’t have balls to begin with.

      5. No! It’s more like bruce is a freak! ! Let’s just keep real REAL! He can change whatever he want but, his genetics will always be MALE, GOD gave him male parts. I guess you are an atheist? Do you even beleive in GOD? If so, then you now he made bruce a dang man. That’s just the plain truth. Remember Frankincense, a freak, put together to be something he wasn’t! True and you know it.

  2. Well, it is definitely true that projects geared toward assisting the poor and especially those of color and even more so poor non-whites in impoverished regions outside of the US receive little attention. Celebrities like Snoop and Akon are doing well to bring awareness to the need and wouldn’t it be wonderful if Caitlyn Jenner’s son-in-law, Kanye, put even half the amount of focus on helping those outside his wealthy entourage? There have been plenty of evidence pointing to Kanye’s foundation essentially providing him a tax loophole while providing little to nothing to people in need. While I could spend a few lines fleshing out the materialistic hypocrisies of so many other celebs that are furthering the corporate capitalist system that drives the spread of poverty it is only one point I want to make in response to Snoop’s comment. Humans are empathic in the sense that the vast majority tend to focus on the societal issues that they are challenged to face individually. In Snoop’s and Akon’s cases their common factors making Akon’s project important to them is race and their fortunate experience of rising to wealth out of communities of poverty. They are admirable for giving back to those who face those same challenges still today. For Caitlyn Jenner, the life challenge is a very real one that effects millions of people who are largely also poor, discriminated against, marginalized, abused and murdered at high rates across all racial and cultural lines. While Caitlyn Jenner is undoubtedly safe from the worst of transphobic perils, her money and fame do not shelter her from bigoted and callously uninformed verbal and media abuse. Statistically, of all demographics, murder and violent assault are the highest among transgender women and especially trans women of color. As long as people in general continue to deny the reality that humanity is expressed and experienced as the embodiment of wide and converging physical, spiritual, cultural & emotional spectrums of identity there will be more focus by the masses on microcosms of society they find ‘odd’ than focus on solutions for lifting themselves out of the despair of poverty. I call it the circus or work trap. Oblivious to the cruelty & deceptions necessary to create the show most people would rather go to the circus than go to work. A huge step in the right direction, in my opinion, would involve people seeking to educate themselves on issues that are strange to them such as learning what transgenderism involves from a clinical and scientific perspective. Having knowledge of something foreign to one’s own life experience replaces a perception of bizarreness with logical understanding and empathic acceptance. Likewise, when the archetypal milieu of the majority ceases to label minorities like transgender people as bizarre the media will become less likely to sensationalize those individuals and can provide society with a much more honest service as a unifying entity by distributing vital information about addressing the needs of humanity. On a much simpler note, it is not necessary to belittle the struggle of one group in order to bring attention to the tribulations of another. As I mentioned, the vast majority of humanity whether Black, transgender, White, blue collar, Hispanic, elderly and so on are most negatively effected by the growing empire of corporate capitalist elitism that depends on impoverishing ever greater portions of the world population. That fact is the common denominator between both the Akon project and Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation. The wealthy elite are willing to use any means necessary to drive as many wedges of division within society and increase the competition for basic survival as they squeeze more production out of us for ever decreasing compensation.

    1. Deep thought Ponz thank you for that. I agree with many of your points and would like to add that unfortunately related to current economic systems (whether capitalist or pseudo capitalist with markets rather than free being controlled by plutocratic interests) most people see everything in life as a zero sum equation. In other words, If transgender people get more equality they will take it from people in Africa.

      While I appreciate the attempt to place people’s struggles in an order of importance, society will one day see that all struggles for basic human rights are important. There also exists similar sentiments to snoop’s that say for example( this military hero is more important that Kaitlyn Jenner or this girls struggle with cancer means she should receive the Arthur Ashe award before Jenner) another idea is rather than define, separate, and create hierarchies of importance we could realize that the more we seek to create a world in which all struggles for basic human rights are important, the more basic human rights for everyone there will be.

      Ponz you stated “, the vast majority of humanity whether Black, transgender, White, blue collar, Hispanic, elderly and so on are most negatively effected by the growing empire of corporate capitalist elitism that depends on impoverishing ever greater portions of the world population.”

      I would like to add that the middle class and one day upper middle class should be included in this list. In fact the plutocrats and their offspring are also negatively affected by this system related to the negative effects that denying others theirs will have on their humanity.

      I think one solution to the globalization of commodities and exploration is a system that supports more small business by decreasing monopolies.
      What are your thoughts on solutions to this problem?

    2. Next question, is it “The wealthy elite are willing to use any means necessary to drive as many wedges of division within society and increase the competition for basic survival as they squeeze more production out of us for ever decreasing compensation.” Or is it a basic tenant of economics that increased production and efficiency is needed to support larger populations with the limited resources we currently control on earth and the wealthy elite are simply capitalizing off that basic tenet or law of economics.

      If the latter is true how do we increase production without decreasing compensation for the many? I believe if mr reich is to be believed ” in the documentary inequality for all “the problem also involves flatlined compensation for the middle classes in the face of inflation.

      One idea is to ask drug companies and researchers to turn in grants for new drug proposals to the federal government to be green lighted with a set budget so they can be brought to market without the artificially inflated prices drug companies charge for alleged research and development costs. This would also limit trademarks on many new drugs making health care more affordable to all.

    3. Actually The Son in law Kanye West has numerous Charities he is involved with..
      Common Ground Foundation
      Doctors Without Borders
      Dr. Donda West Foundation
      Food Bank For New York City
      GRAMMY Foundation
      Habitat For Humanity
      Human Rights Watch
      Live 8

      And that is only naming a few… Kanye is not using the Charities he is involved with to boost his social gain.. he is already one of the most talked about person good or bad…

    4. Kanye along with Common funds a program in Chicago that hires and train young people, Mostly teenagers. Kanye also donates millions to a literacy non- for profit. He also has his own foundation that gives out scholarships for high school and college students

    5. God Damn that was a mouth full. I’m an atheist and sheesh I commend you for keeping perspective of the truth of all. That is what I call love. Stay up

  3. About time a real man speak up and knowing you are going to take a hit. Man, we need more of that. We want to glorify stupid stuff to just for a dollar. We need to shut down any media that isn’t with any class or growth.

    1. yes Yes YES! Snoop do glad that someone with a voice finally spoke up, I only wish I had fame so that everyone could hear me speak because I am so Damn sick and tired of everyone being so damn politically correct and not speaking up for fear of upsetting someone, I said it before and I will say it again, your 65 years old WHO gives a SHIT

  4. Akon should get more recognition than Bruce Jenner, but I’m not up for judging him for his transition. He can do what he wants, I don’t really care, but I don’t see how it’s news. Then again, I don’t see how what anything the Kardashians do is news either.

  5. It just goes to show the power of the wealthy and the media that supports them. Much love and respect to Akon. If you have the wealth and power you have a responsibility to reach out and raise up the race and I’m not talking about some token foundation but about opening businesses such as supermarkets, community centers or upgrading parks, etc.
    This is the type of thing that more of us of African descent need to do for our people and communities. Bruce Jenner and his privilege life style is hardly news compared to that of 600,000,000. He is free to do what he wants with his life but science project or whatever, once a man, always a man.

  6. Hollywood nd the Media nd these social networks are the Devil rs when you don’t condone or agree with how are what someone chose to do (keyword) you Homophobic and you hate gay ppl & blah blah blah it’s called a opinion That’s why these young boys are running around looking and dressing like females now because yall condone that shit



  8. Because good news is NOT news to the media. I agree with him but you only make the news if it’s a negative. Even the media thinks Bruce Gender is a negative that they can gain profit from.

  9. Not into Snoop Doog as a man of integrity but it’s good here that he highlights Akon’s work. I hope the Clinton/Bill Gate/UN/NGO-poverty pimping crisis caravan ilks have NOTHING to do with it and that Akon’s wonderful project is independently financed. About the Jenner media frenzy – It’s not PC to say this but in my opinion it’s perverted for a 65 year old man to try to look like a 20 year old Hollywood starlet. It’s creepy. Imagine if a 65 year old woman contorting her body to be a college-looking boy-toy model-type, would the media be raising up her bravery? The ridiculous pharmaceutical pushing, surgery pushing, bankster-owned media are manufacturing consent for a mentally ill man who believes he’s a woman, so they can get more patients line up. (Or, prepare us for when their eugenicist scientists put a baby in this freak with a penis…and tell us it’s the “brave” new “normal” so the pederasty culture can finish destroying the female that the three Abrahamic male cults began to institutionally erase. Maybe they’ll create a glandular operative penis and put it on a woman so she could go impregnate other woman, men???) Would they be so happy to share in these delusions if Bruce Jenner said he FEELS like he is John Kennedy returned or Elvis Presley returned. Oh how BRAVE! Anyway, his personal choice is none of my business. The ruling entity ought to protect and preserve all life. But I don’t have to participate in the “vulnerabilities” of some 65 year old privilege white multi-millionaire who wishes to play act his feelings. It’s a Y or an X chromosomes – no matter the surgery. I find it distasteful that this 65 year old white man wants public attention for a personal choice, a LIFESTYLE and that the consumerized/corporatist media and entertainment industrial complex considered the benchmark for 21st century COURAGE for their own profit interests, in a world where the majority of Black children don’t have the right to LIFE, basic healthcare, safety, clean water, authentic education or freedom from police brutality. In a world where powerful white males – straight, gay, transgender or pedophiles- and their Obomba-like Black opportunist/ integrated syncophants are blithely committing genocide against the Afrikan globally, destroying planet earth in a myriad of ways for resource warmongering by funding both sides of their evil wars for the White Domination.


    1. Amen Debbie. Ppl forget or don’t know that GOD is in control of it all. Ppl think the actually do all. But all is done through GOD.

  11. I think all of this is a bunch of foolishness in Gods eyes but one thing is this no sin is greater than the other so before Snoop start throwing rocks my question to him is why he was wearing fake nail tips??????? Ijs

  12. It truly is a shame that Akon’s work is not broadcasted in the media as it should be; however, that does not mean Caitlyn’s transformation is insignificant. With the lack of protection for hate crimes aimed at transgendered people, Caitlyn’s bravery can shine light on this community of people that are so easily misunderstood in society. Her transformation can end the discrimination these people face on a daily basis. This is more than a story of a man turning into a woman. It is also a shame that people cannot see that. We judge things we do not understand and this is no exception.
    Like I stated earlier, it’s a shame Akon’s work is not broadcasted in the media, but these things shouldn’t be compared to one another nor should there be any sort of competition between the two. They are both inspiring stories that give me hope for the human race, and that’s what we should focus on. It doesn’t matter who’s doing what better; what matters is that there are people in the world that still have good hearts and seek to help other people who can’t help or speak for themselves.

  13. I Agree With Snoop…Akon’s Project Is Much More News Than Bruce Jenner…To Glorify This Nonsense Is The Main Reason Why Our Kids Are Confused Today…Biology Didn’t Mess Him Up, NO ONE Has A Choice In What They Are Born As!!!

  14. I also think Akon should be getting more recognition eventhough he is not really famous anymore. Which is probably why he is being glossed over. But I wouldnt call the plight of the transgenser community a science project.

  15. Psychologists have documented that we all have masculine and feminine elements. We are, after all, born as a result of contributions of a man and a woman. In our macho society, most men, especially those with doubts, try to emphasize their manly qualities as did Bruce Jenner when he was younger and some men who critize him now. Sometimes the feminine side wins out. Some men are gay and adjust to that and gays have their heroes. Transsexuals don’t have many Heroes as it’s a recent phenomena and one that requires a huge amount of courage. More power to someone who has the guts to be who he knows he is. As to Akon I agree he should be commended and there should be more coverage. But one thing has nothing to do with the other.

  16. Totally agree with snoop so sick of the world glorifying all these confused lifestyles and choices he will always be a man!

  17. I love Snoop he’s my favorite rapper but let’s not even choose sides. How many of us actually know Bruce personally or is in his or her life. I could care less what he does w his or her life whatever makes you happy. Snoop did bring up a good point Akon is helping to supply 600 million people who didn’t have it that’s going to change lives. Trust yourself and what’s important

  18. The media is doing nothing more than openly worshipping and promoting Baphomet the satanic androgynous goat like deity. The media is pushing because Hollywood is filled with Baphomet worship. Science wants us to believe evolution is true, but we can believe a man will always scientifically be a man no matter what. Such confusion in Babylon I use that is why it’s called Babylon. All those drinking the wine of her fornication are choosing to be lost.

  19. Well here we go again. The narrative that suits the western media is to deny any semblance of advancement and self improvement within the African diaspora and to in my view skew the narrative to further entrench the white middle classes grip as the group within the world, whether bankers, politicians, gay or straight, transgender or otherwise that matter.

    I am not surprised by the Worldwide, US, European Caucasian dominated media, or the business communities as there agenda is to maximize their own growth agenda and propagate their narrow world view. The suggestion that a former 65 year old Olympic Gold medalist can supersede the news agenda and the development of 600m people within a continent is laughable. Yet the mainstream media selective speak of subjects that compartmentalize the subject matter to manipulate the mindset of individuals who are liberal in thought and deed, but only enough to allow the seepage of Black African American newsworthy stories. I asked a recent question on another online forum, namely why do we constantly view adverts and programmes that show black men with white women, or white women with black men, however, one never if at all views black men and women together! The nearest super celeb couple of colour we can turn to as bulwarks are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, however, the story I read about them suggested they have an open marriage. Then we turn our heads to JayZ and Beyonce, but is Beyonce a dark skinned woman, nope. And again President Barrack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle are constantly being interrogated by the media and the populus, however as they are a couple do we see media reports that reinforce their union.

    I suggest that we only see what the media want us to see. Bruce Jenner’s transformation and personal struggle are indeed something that those who are interested can look at and say, thanks for telling your story. But that is about as far as it goes. It is a fringe story that has a very tiny minority who invest in such behaviour. Yet the Snoop Doog, Akon story we are talking about is a continent that all humanity are derived!

    So we arrive full circle, as the media continue to portray Africa as a Third World country in order to propagate the myth that African’s cannot rule themselves, and are therefore, poor, starving, diseased, corrupt and backward thinking. Don’t separate the reality and then implant a spurious pseudo psychological transformation story as the be and end all of a minority, as opposed to the reality of the richest continent on earth being manipulated by the World Bank, The IMF and The World Health Organization.

    Yet a white middle class retired Olympian who happens to be famous by marriage is reverred as brave, a hero and such like. Yet when we actually consider the facts, Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn is but one person. Africa in comparison is a Continent of 600 million+ people, so I ask you, don’t believe the hype, as the truth is far bigger than any suggested lie in the mainstream.

  20. The mainstream media needs celebrity culture and stories about the Khardashians to distract the masses. By distracting us they can do what they want and hide or ignore stories like Akon’s work in Africa. It does not benefit the Western elite for Africa to have light. They just want to steal resources but not improve the situation. So we need to big up and protect people like Akon at all costs . And we do not need white media to praise him the world has so many other outlets that can be used to get the word out.

  21. Bruce Jenner is a guy that is not at peace with himself, it’s so true that money could never buy happiness, when we as a people could be vex with the?Most High for how he has made us this world would never be a better place. Shame on all you people that should be educated and condoning this should burn in hell with him.

  22. It’s really crazy how much publicity this man Jenner is getting when there are useful news to be publicised. We need to know and read more on great women and men, who are making the world a better and more habitable place

  23. I pity those confused human beings promoting gays, lesbians and transgendered people. You are all possessed by demons( both supporters and the supported). You need deliverance. gays, transgender people and lesbians are not heroes. They are demoniacs suffering from low self esteem and inferiority complex. As for the transgendered people, I give u a few years from now when u body( inside and outside) fails you, u will wish to death that u never altered the beautiful body God gave to u. Believe it or not, there is a God who watches us all. He made us. As for those who do not believe, ask ur self (truly) how u came into existence. If u are still confused, I sincerely pray for your salvation. Thank you.

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