SMH: Newlyweds flying to surprise family for Easter die when their private plane crashes


Recently married couple Dr Margaret-Ann Rous, 37, and her husband David, 28, are said to have died when their small private plane plummeted into a hill in Scotland over the weekend. The couple were said to have been on their way to pay a surprise visit to family for Easter when they met their unfortunate end.

Margaret and David have only been married for a few months, were flying in the woman’s Piper Cherokee from Dundee to spend the weekend with her mother and sister in Tiree. But radar contact was lost at around 1.50pm on Saturday in the remote Beinn Lus area of Glen Kinglass, near Oban. Six hours later the wreckage of the plane was discovered, along with their bodies.

Dr, up until her death worked as a family doctor at Stobswell Medical Practice in Dundee. She married her 28-year-old husband last July. It is understood that they were planning to move into a bigger house and start a family.


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Along with photographs of their wedding are pictures of them wearing pilot headsets believed to have been taken on the same day.

What a sad news. May their souls rest in peace.

Source: Daily Mail UK



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