Simon Cowell reportedly choose ex-girlfriend to be his son’s godmother

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New dad, Simon Cowell who reportedly wept and whispered, ‘I’ve waited all my life for you, ’when he was handed his newborn son on Valentine’s Day has reportedly named his ex-girlfriend Sinitta .

A close friend of 54-year-old new dad confirmed that Simon choose his ex- girlfriend Sinitta to be the child’s godmother because she is one of the most stable people he knows. 

Sinitta, who has known Cowell since the 1980s, said she was ‘thrilled and honoured’ to have been chosen as godmother. Green and hypnotist Paul  McKenna are also expected to be godparents.   article-2560708-1B8CC32400000578-37_634x548 article-2560708-1B8CC57200000578-760_634x456 article-2561776-1B980AB000000578-840_634x441article-0-1B80A45100000578-29_634x254

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