SHOCKER!!! The 26yr old Ugandan man who married 68yr old Swedish woman has dumped the woman upon entering Europe

I couldn’t help but giggle when I first came across this story today. It wasn’t out of meanness or anything like that. It was more like a “what did she expect” kinds of reaction. Considering how I have blasted your phones and computers with the story of these two from the onset, its only fair to update you on their progress report… or lack thereof. To catch up, go HERE, HERE, and HERE...

Just six months after they got married in Uganda, 68 year old Swedish woman, Mona Lisa Larsson, has accused her 26 year old Ugandan husband, Guvnor Ace whose real name is Ronald Ssemawere, of using her to get into Europe. He’s dumped her and now wants to marry a younger Ugandan woman, she alleges.

Apparently, their fairy-tale love ended once Guvnor arrived Sweden last December. He now want to settle down with a much younger Ugandan woman. According to Monalisa, Guvnor Ace is seeking political asylum in Norway with this other woman. She let out her frustration in a series of Facebook post…






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