Serena Williams posts moving tribute to big sister Venus after winning last night’s match…

Last night after playing and winning against her, Venus Williams, Tennis-Ace Serena Williams took to her social media to post a very emotional tribute in honor of the big sister she says “has her heart.” Check out what she wrote below…


Meanwhile, In her post-match news conference, Venus Williams gave a strong final answer when she was asked about the perception that she would have been conflicted about the match, possibly hesitant to derail her sister’s journey to history.

“I feel like if I cared deeply about what people thought of me, I probably would have never made it out of Compton, California,” Venus replied.

“So my whole thing is to live up to hopefully my own expectations, which is the hardest thing to live up, anyway, probably to your own expectations than to other people’s. So if I can live up to that, then I’ll be alright.”

Well said, Venus. You ladies both played your heart out last night. It was a quality game.


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