Sad: Nigerian lady shot dead in parking lot by ex-boyfriend in the US


Mariam Folashade Adeboye, 24, Nigerian, was fatally shot a few days ago in the parking lot of a mall by her ex-boyfriend with whom she recently broke up.

Mariam was meeting her ex-boyfriend Donald Bricker, age 27, to just talk. She had agreed to meet after Bricker threatened to harm himself over their breakup. Though Adebayo ended their relationship after 6 months Bricker “wouldn’t take no for an answer,” family said.

Adeboye and Bricker were arguing in a car in the parking lot, she got out of the car to get away from him, witnesses told police. Bricker then got out of the car holding a gun. Bricker fired at Adebayo and she fell to the ground He then shot at her a second time, police said.

Officers arriving at the scene found Adebayo suffering from a gunshot wound, police said. She was transported to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Bricker fled the scene and was ultimately arrested after crashing his vehicle. He is being charged with first degree murder, police said. Bricker has a criminal history in Maryland and is on the state’s sex offender registry.



Folashade graduate from University of Maryland in 2013 with a degree in public health. She is said to have just started a new job in Columbia, Maryland.

Poor girl! She probably broke it off with him when she realized he’s a sex offender.


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