Russell Wilson’s heartfelt birthday message to baby Future is awe-inspiring [photo]

Baby Future Jr. turned 2 years old today and to mark this special day, his famous parents, Ciara and Future Sr. put their differences aside and took to social media to wish him well, and even the little guy’s step dad-to-be, Russell Wilson left a beautiful comment on Ciara’s post, saying;

“Watching him grow over the past year and a half has been the most fulfilling and special things I’ve ever been around. He gets the purest and sweetest love from you and to watch you be the woman and mom you are ALL the time. Every morning. Every night. Every day… No matter what the circumstances or situation… Good or bad… Brings me so much joy & most importantly him. He is so blessed to have you hold him and hug him and love him with so much pure and real love that he will have no limits to what God has in store for him. You both bring me pure joy and I can’t wait to see him grow more and more into the loving, caring, kind-hearted man that he will be…2 years old! Wow. God is good!”


Ciara also wished her son a happy birthday posting heartfelt birthday message on her social media platform. Continue to read that below…






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