Rob Kardashian drags Blac Chyna across the seven seas on Instagram, expose n ude photos she sent him

Well, it looks like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are at it again. Let me just say I  used to really like Rob, and for a long time, I bought into his “oh, poor me. Look at little ole me, everybody treats me like crap” game. But I’m beginning to see how incredibly and dangerously troubled the man is. He’s playing the victim game a bit too much these days. He knows his supporters, especially those white folks who look for any reason to attack and call out black folks, would would tear Blac Chyna apart, hence his shenanigans on Instagram.

Anyways, take a look at his Instagram posts, below…

And this the dude that posted a pic in the same bed Chyna and I made our baby in. The house that I pay for. That robe i prob paid for. Imma send u messages from this dude asking to link with me or he gonna expose Chyna if I don’t help him get money cuz he can’t handle the bills to take care of Chyna. Lol. I pay lambo. Ferrari. Down payment on the rolls. Downpayment on your moms car. I pay your mother since u won’t even call your own mother back in months. I prob spent a million alone in the past 2 months. 90K necklaces. 70K watch. The Ferrari that u pretend u got yourself. Chyna I hope U find help and to this corn ball , u thirsty as fuck for hitting me and begging to link with me and if I don’t help u get money then u gonna expose Chyna. Bro go back to your son who is at home instead u out here fucking someone that everyone fucks including me. Lol. Clown. She everybody’s and it’s been that way. The disrespect in the bed that my baby daughter lays in. Chyna u literally lost on this one.

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