Rob Kardashian claims Blac Chyna tried to strangle him with an iPhone cord….

Rob Kardashian is responding to Blac Chyna’s restraining order with allegations of domestic violence of his own.

Chyna told the judge at her restraining order hearing yesterday morning that back in April Rob was mad at her and began speaking poorly of her in front of her son, King. When she asked him to stop she says Rob screamed,

“I can say whatever the f*** I want!” and then grabbed her phone, pushed her to the ground, “aggressively shoving me by the side of my arm and hitting me on the thigh.”

She says she fell to the ground and when she got up she was bruised and could barely walk. Chyna also says she has been fully broken up with Rob since last December, adding, “Rob has been violent with me in the past and I am afraid to be around him.”

There’s another incident where she claims Rob hit her to the ground and she ran to her bedroom before he broke the door open. Chyna claims she has photos and pictures of the incident.

As for Rob, he says that day in December when Chyna moved out that she tried choking him with an iPhone cord and tried hitting him with a metal rod.  Corey Gamble walked in and physically pulled Chyna off of Rob. She then went through the house smashing televisions, doors, and other items causing $35,000 in damage. Rob has video of the incident, but if you recall the aftermath was also documented on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’ cameras and aired a few months back.

In what might be the most important component of Rob’s defense, Rob’s lawyers have texts from when Chyna moved out and she told a friend that Rob would never hit her.

Rob’s lawyer says they’re not fighting the restraining order and Rob agrees that ‘slut-shaming’ Chyna was a regrettable decision. His only concern now is baby Dream.


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