Rihanna says her ‘crazy’ fashion ‘provokes something’ inside her

Pop superstar Rihanna is always searching for “new, energetic” fashion that makes her feel excited. In the past the 29-year-old singer reportedly admitted to turning to other unhealthy ways to fill that empty void inside her.

“I get bored really quickly,” she admitted to Instyle.co.uk. “I have A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), even when it comes to fashion, so I always want to find something new, energetic, something that provokes something in me that’s exciting. There’s the greats, and they’ll never not be great, but you always want to find the next.”

Rihanna was honored for her fashion achievements at the 69th annual Parsons Benefit in New York earlier this week. Parsons acknowledged the Bajan native’s bold strides in the areas of performance, design, and fostering social good.

She has been richly rewarded with collaborations for brands such as Puma, Topshop and Chopard, and fashionistas admire her daring outfit choices.

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