Rihanna is getting high praises for her “thickness”…

In the endless churn that is the celebrity news cycle, there’s one story trend you can always count on: reactions to celebrity weight gain (or loss), usually characterized by harsh criticism in either direction, depending on the star. But there’s one celeb who’s been able to transcend this cycle: Rihanna.

As evidenced by recent photos of the 29-year-old singer strutting around New York City, Rihanna’s flaunting a curvier figure — and Twitter is here for it.

The origin of “Thickanna” comes from the songstress herself. Back in 2013, an eagle-eyed fan noticed Rihanna was looking curvier and asked her if it was true that she’d gained weight. Not one to hold back, Rihanna replied, “Yasss! #progress #operationThickanna.”

Why the hashtag of progress? Because the “Umbrella” singer actually wanted to gain weight. As she told Ryan Seacrest in 2012, “It’s difficult to have any kind of routine when your schedule is that crazy. So I really have no idea how I’m continuously losing weight. It’s actually pretty annoying. Now, I don’t have a butt, no boobs — already had no boobs — so annoying!”

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