Relationship Advice Titled: Tell Her, Don’t Fool Her. Written By~ Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence

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Brother my brother, you’ve given us a bad name because you seem to think with every thing south of the equator rather than north, nobody puts a gun to your head and says you must get married, so if you would rather me a married bachelor, tell her, don’t fool her, if you intend on staying out late on the regular, tell her, don’t fool her, if you are going to be concerned with her weight or hair changes, tell her, don’t fool her. If it matters to you that church is not every  Sunday, tell her don’t fool her, if you are only trying to satisfy your parents, tell her don’t fool her, if you are only looking for a bed mate, room mate and not a life mate, tell her don’t fool her, if you intend to marry a second third or 4th wife, tell her don’t fool her, if you are gay…you see I have found that you save yourself a whole lot of time by speaking out rather than holding in.
Tell her about your likes and dislikes, tell her what you feel and how you feel it, tell her what gets you wound up and what doesn’t, tell her, tell her the truth…She is a delicate fragile being, by design, you are to take care of her, not take advantage of her, see, we are all adults here and we know that even with her fragility, there are some that will agree to a no strings attached Innuendo, even some who would ask for strings by way of tokens, if you get my drift, then some who don’t ever want to get married, so you do my brother, you do have a choice…
I have learnt that if a woman sees you as a potential for marriage and you don’t even see her as a potent, you may hurt her feelings by resisting all her attempts at getting at you, but you will not hurt her heart, you do that by pretending to feel the same way because you have to fulfil the southern side of your manhood and then you damage her and give her the right to say ‘all men are useless’, when if you had left her with her feelings hurt, trust me, somewhere down the line, she will thank you, even if it’s not out loud, for being a gentleman that did not take advantage of her…bro, women are not your scoreboard, get over that competitive nature that wants to keep count, your desires should be putting all that behind and starting and stopping at one, tell her what she needs to know, tell her, don’t fool her.
 Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence‘  KDL®™©2013

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