Rapper/Producer Timbaland and Wife Reconcile Their Marriage Few Months After Filing For Divorce.

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Rapper/producer, Timbaland’s estranged wife, MoNique have reported taken back her husband after another  episode of their on-again-off-again marriage. The two reportedly separated last year after rumours of cheating and possible  love child ensued. MoNique subsequently filed for divorce making all sorts of outrageous demands. But the good news is that the two have decided to put their differences aside and give their marriage another go at it.

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Rapper Timbaland and his wife MoNique are BACK TOGETHER GUYS!!! Last year Mo filed for DIVORCE – after Timbaland’s MAIN SIDE PIECE confronted her . . . claiming she was pregnant.

It turned out that the SIDE CHICK WAS LYING – and Timbaland had been working OVERTIME to win back his wife’s favor. And it appears to have worked. As of last week, Monique WITHDREW her divorce papers and decided to give her marriage another chance.

We’re so happy for them both. DON’T F*CK IT UP again Tim . . . you got a REAL WINNER at home.

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