[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Every Black Person Need to Read This and Know About Sarah Baartman [18+ Some NUDITY]

This is a very interesting story. Funny how I never knew about her until today when I came across this article that I just had to read, and then share. It’s kinda interesting how some of us just go through life not knowing how we got to where we are, and who made it happen. Most f us preferred to remain oblivious to the history. But if you are one of those who are curious about the past and keen on making the future better, then this story is for you. Happy viewing!


Culled From, SouthAfrica.Info:

Sarah Baartman, displayed as a freak because of  her unusual physical features, was finally laid to rest 187 years after she left Cape Town for London. Her remains were buried on Women’s Day, 9 August 2002, in the area of her birth, the Gamtoos River Valley in the Eastern Cape.

Baartman was born in 1789. She was working as a slave in Cape Town when she was “discovered” by British ship’s doctor William Dunlop, who persuaded her to travel with him to England. We’ll never know what she had in mind when she stepped on board – of her own free will – a ship for London. But it’s clear what Dunlop had in mind – to display her as a “freak”, a “scientific curiosity”, and make money from these shows, some of which he promised to give to her.

Baartman had unusually large buttocks and genitals, and in the early 1800s Europeans were arrogantly obsessed with their own superiority, and with proving that others, particularly blacks, were inferior and oversexed.

Baartman’s physical characteristics, not unusual for Khoisan women, although her features were larger than normal, were “evidence” of this prejudice, and she was treated like a freak exhibit in London.

Sarah Bartman life examples

The ‘Hottentot Venus’

She was called the “Hottentot Venus”, ‘Hottentot’ being a name given to people with cattle. They had acquired these cattle by migrating northwards to Angola and returned to South Africa with them, about 2 000 years before the first European settlement at the Cape in 1652. Prior to this, they were indistinguishable from the Bushmen or San, the first inhabitants of South Africa, who had been in the region for around 100 000 years as hunter-gatherers.

Khoisan is used to denote their relationship to the San people. The label “Hottentot” took on derogatory connotations, and is no longer used.

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, a cruel reference to Baartman being an object of admiration and adoration instead of the object of leering and abuse that she became. She spent four years in London, then moved to Paris, where she continued her degrading round of shows and exhibitions. In Paris she attracted the attention of French scientists, in particular Georges Cuvier.

No one knows if Dunlop was true to his word and paid Baartman for her “services”, but if he did pay her, it wasn’t sufficient to buy herself out of the life she was living.

Once the Parisians got tired of the Baartman show, she was forced to turn to prostitution. She didn’t last the ravages of a foreign culture and climate, or the further abuse of her body. She died in 1815, at the age of 25.The cause of death was given as “inflammatory and eruptive sickness”, possibly syphilis. Others suggest she was an alcoholic. Whatever the cause, she lived and died thousands of kilometres from home and family, in a hostile city, with no means of getting herself home again. Cuvier made a plaster cast of her body, then removed her skeleton and, after removing her brain and genitals, pickled them and displayed them in bottles at theMusee de l’Hommein Paris.

Some 160 years later they were still on display, but were finally removed from public view in 1974. In 1994, then president Nelson Mandela requested that her remains be brought home. Other representations were made, but it took the French government eight years to pass a bill – apparently worded so as to prevent other countries from claiming the return of their stolen treasures – to allow their small piece of “scientific curiosity” to be returned to South Africa.

In January 2002, Sarah Baartman’s remains were returned and buried on 9 August 2002, on South Africa’s Women’s Day, at Hankey in the Eastern Cape Province.  Her grave has since been declared a national heritage site.

Marang Setshwaelo, writing for Africana.com at the time, said Dr Willa Boezak, a Khoisan rights activist, believed that a poem written by Khoisan descendant Diana Ferrus in 1998 played a major role in helping bring Baartman home. Boezak said: “It took the power of a woman, through a simple, loving poem, to move hard politicians into action.”

Whatever the reason, Sarah Baartman is home, and has finally had her dignity restored by being buried where she belongs – far away from where her race and gender were so cruelly exploited.

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  1. She was killed in other for them to satisfy their curiosity of their stupidity, those animals who called themself inteligent human beings, such a pity and sad story of sarah baartman, may her soul rest in peace

  2. those bastards! wow! they wait until she was dead to satisfy their horny curiousity….they cut her up & put her exhibit…May Sarah Baartman rest in peace. Sad Story.

  3. it is very sad
    our grand parents suffered at the hand of criminals
    i can just say sarah dignity restored
    with all her beauty she did not got married and no grand children
    let her soul rest in peace

  4. i dont know whether to think of her grave being made a world heritage site as an honour. during her lifetime she was put on display. now in death i believe she should have her privacy n some dignity.

    1. I think it is. It’s an African belief that it is honourable to be remembered after death. It is a good thing, because if it wasn’t a heritage site, many young persons wouldn’t know of who this person is.

  5. Very sickening what the white man thought and how they behaved in the name of curiosity,they had her sicken and cut out.Really sadden and unfortunate,they should know a black man comes natural so if they see extra butt or boobs that is nature not a freak show exploit

  6. white people has been using black as a toy to play with now they trying to cover them self by making so many nonsense excuses said they were just trying to discover and teaching people in this discrimination act.

  7. I can’t say anything,feels terible,I wish I was there to save her from this humiliation,hers hands were tied up by this wicked Toms.Sarah Baartman may ur rest in perfect peace.

  8. I wonder what her real name was! They obviously gave her a name they could call easily and sell their evil notions at the detriment of her dignity, let alone her isolation from her kith and kin.

    1. It incites anger in me too, a disgusting exploitation of an innocent person.
      But please don’t generalize white people like that, it makes you no better than white people who generalize black people in the same way

      1. todos os brancos são motherfuckers , ladrões, bastardos , criminosos . se você é branco, então eu cocô na sua prostituta prostituta (mãe)

  9. she was a beautiful black woman….i can imagine wat d whites are still doing to the blacks out there….they will never be forgiven….ever

    1. You are being ignorant. I am white, 29 years old and shocked by this as much as you. I live in a part of my town that has a 75% black population and my best friend is black. You are saying I should never be forgiven for something I did not do?

      1. I’m black, my mum is white and I love her unconditionally. White are not to be blamed for this, the named perpetrators are.

  10. May God Almighty pardon her soul and grant her, a good resting place. All she went through were involuntary…. Such things happens for us to learn great lessons.

  11. A sad truth to know. May Sara’s soul be at rest in THE FATHER. May those who stole her dignity, defiled her beauty and raped her soul, know that one day …they will have to stand and answer before Him who gave her life on THE DAY OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Cruelity to our people is beyond belief!

    1. Though she was used as an object of carricature by the Europeans but today in African she is seen as one of our unique heroine.May her soul rest in peace.

  12. what a story? So with all this stories pple still want to go there and make a livin there?The pple who caused this beautiful African go this way will be punished by God.Rest in peace SARAH!

  13. It’s funny how they try to polish it off by saying Sarah died from catching syphillis. It more like aids. They just didn’t want the white man to look bad. It’s clearly that Aids was around back in those days n white man was spreading it. Sarah contracted it n died. They always say Aids came from Africa. What is the real true when they have sex w horses bears dogs cat etc. This movie was sad n historical. BHM

  14. This story of beautiful women taken advantage of and degraded for her for being different brakes my heart…it hard to believe people can be so cruel…it proves claiming superiority and character is action or debased, prove by the evidence who are the lower persons. May God bless her soul, and punish her violators.

  15. Am very sad when i watch this video oh God save us, this pple are not good at all now they claim to be good to help Africian God punish them..

  16. Africans have really suffered at the hands of these European obsessed egocentric, egomaaniac and prejudicial. May the soul of Sarah Baartman rest in peace now that she has been returned to her home in death. What worries me more is the fact that, the Europeans are now mentally colonising and exploiting us with people we call leaders still in charge. God help us.

  17. She was “working as a slave”??!!!! …lmao!!! Slave is not a job position !!! let me guess…
    a white condescending writter?

  18. Its realy hard on our souls that we have to forvige these #white and pretend that every thing is changed now, while we are still hurt inside everytime we discover more of their doings to our ancestors.it hurts so bad.

  19. people normally say ” black man with black sense ” look at this inhuman treatment on an innocent black queen ! in fact I’m deeply hurt in the heart. the evilly treatment that we the blacks received from the whites have incited us with this our African black sense. after all, the 6 feet is for all. those who criminally did it, are they still alive ? common sense I niece was uncommon to the whites. I know God will trace who did what and why. RIP sarah

  20. Black people never treated good since before jst chk our black queen hw was she use to b humiliated by what so called white man striped naked in public forced to b a prostitude,if i may ask a white man what was d reason behind fo all those evil behaviour on our black queen i dnt thnk i cn get an answer,this story reminds me of every pain white man brought to black people,the way white man treated blacks since the begining of the world really shows that they ar the childrens of devil satan,childrens of god cant do like what they did to our beautifull queen,bt wt mks me happy her soul ended laid to rest and i blv her spirit is on the right hand side of god AMEN

  21. A white man is really full of shit.. Sarrah R.I.P
    criminals, i was once told that a man in tatooes is the most dangerous one but i say the most dangerous man is a white man in a suite n tie.

  22. What I terrible thing to do to a human being like yourself just because God made her different frm you. Please I ask, is that a right for you white men to humiliate, kill and display the person in public for more shame. At the end of of journey of earth we all will answer question from our creator and judgment will be passed on. Rest in peace my black sister cause you are in a better place now sarah baartman.

  23. Oooops’ what a life…somethings I when I read most article about Africa experience with the white, so much anger, hatres and bitterness arouse in me for the white because the dehumanizing state, hardship’ harvoc, brutality, and all. Other vices they melted on Africans were unacceptable in the sight of God and man. Thank God’ we have grown up now in almost alll ramifications of life to discover their arcane ways…never to b victims of their prejudice n brutality…May the. Soul of Sarah and every other Africans that were victims to similar circumstances rest in peace…Amen
    Long live Africa…

  24. And all the curiously nasty ass Parisian/European men gave her stds and killed her. Dirty bastards. I’m sorry it was brutal on her ?

  25. What happened to Saartjie is so sad. What’s also sad is that white people think that we should easily get over this?? Tell me, how can you get over someone who did this to your ancestor?? How can you get over someone who killed your parents??? huh.
    I wish we can all just unite and be one race, which is the human race

  26. Africa must refuse every white agenda and proposal they are evil we need not to entertain any thing white white around us the exist on the sweats of the blackmen and women but always reward with sarah wicked-cruelty on blacks

  27. Watching this story make me feel so sad, this young lady was so helpless surrounded by criminals calling themselves masters. i.d.o.i.t.s. you will surely rot in hell. Sara Baartman continue to RIP

  28. They are the so-called civilised, yet they say Civilisation started in EGYPT, AND THEY TREAT SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF EGYPT THIS WAY…. What a controversial people, who want us to believe in any morality of their imported religion and values…its pitiful to be inhuman

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