Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, ex-wife Anita Oyakhilome reportedly reconciled [photo + posts]




There are reports that Believers Love World’s general overseer, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his ex-wife Anita Oyakhilome have reconciled following their very bitter and public divorce. A new photo of the couple smiling and hugging each other recently surfaced.

My personal opinion; this isn’t necessarily a reconciliation of marriage, but rather, they’re putting on a good show for the public.

This seems like the couple’s way of saying, even though we are divorcing, we are no longer angry at each other. For one, the divorce story really did a number on the church… more so than they’d like to admit in public. So, this public display of affection is a way of winning back some of the public trust they lost.

Below is a conversation thread between the person who witnessed this reconciliation and other people…





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