One-month-old baby accidentally given baby formula mixed with vodka instead of water…

A one-month-old Wisconsin baby is currently being treated at the hospital after she drank a formula that was mistakenly prepared with vodka instead of water. She was hospitalized Monday evening at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee after it was discovered that she had a blood alcohol level of 0.29 percent.

Brad Hetlet, a spokesman for the Kenosha Police Department, told USA Today that the whole incident occurred over an apparent accident between the parents at home.

The child’s mother, 20, said that baby’s father emptied a water bottle in the kitchen and filled it with vodka to bring with him to a friend’s house. Hetlet said the mother claimed she used 2-ounces from the water bottle to mix in with the baby’s formula.

Not long after the baby drank the vodka, her mother noticed that her toes were red, her eyes were halfway closed, and wasn’t responding to her name.

Hetlet explains that couple soon concluded that the mother mistakenly used vodka instead of water to combine with the baby formula. When the father realized this, Hetlet says he grew furious and strangled the mother. Hetlet continues that the couple fighting over the baby drinking the vodka was more important than trying to help their daughter.

“The argument started, and the focus did not become let’s make sure our baby is ok, it became let’s blame each other for this.”

child-father (2)

The father is facing multiple charges, but none are related to the baby consuming alcohol. Hetlet said the hospital was preparing discharge papers so the infant could be released Wednesday morning. She appeared in good health otherwise, Hetlet shares.

“The baby is going to be fine. This could have been tragic because when you hit.3 [blood alcohol level] normally it will cause you to pass out and at a point.4 you are dead.”

The child’s father has been charged with assault on the child’s mother and also for resisting arrest. But no charges will be filed against either of them for accidentally feeding their baby vodka. It was an accident.


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