“Nothing interesting about being married except that it saves you money,” says, 2Shotz




Girl, you know something is very wrong and you are in big trouble when your husband starts saying that there is nothing interesting about being marriage other than it helps him save money. And that he wants to change your mouth because women talk too much.  Or, when you start sounding as if you are just putting up with your husband to save face. That’s a BIG RED FLAG, baby! Hmm!


Anyways, rapper, 2Shotz was recently interview by PUNCH and he has this to say about his overall marital experience;


I have learnt a lot of things they just never tell you. There is no interesting thing about being married except for the companionship and it saves you some money. You no longer have to eat out and you don’t have to spend money on a couple of girls. Now, it’s just your wife. It also prevents you from doing some things that are either promiscuous or unnecessary”.

2Shotz’s wife, Precious was also present at the interview, and she too has her own opinion about their marriage, and also talked about  how they met on social media. See excerpts below;



I met him on Twitter. I can’t remember who followed who first, but I remember he put up a picture of his apartment and I commented without knowing who he was.  He thanked me and we got talking. We moved the conversation from Twitter to phone, then to Skype. I was in Ireland, came to Nigeria for Christmas and we met in person.


PUNCH: How would you describe being married? 



It has been good and different because you have this person who is always telling you what to do. It took me time to get used to having to submit wholly .In Ireland, I started making my own money at age 16 and by the time I was 18, I had my own apartment. I had become used to being independent.
PUNCH: Is there anything you would like to change about each other?
Her mouth. You know how women talk, they are never satisfied.
That I don’t like certain things about him does not mean I can’t live with it. But I will like him to be less stubborn. He is an Igbo man who is deeply rooted in the Igbo culture which makes him think in a certain way. At times, he is not willing to bend the rules just to make it happen. I am just learning the values and tradition of my people.






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