My Husband Burned My Clothes, Shoe, Phones, & Even Hair And Makeup

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My husband would burn my clothes, and other properties each time we have and argument and even a fight.

We dated for 8 months and have been married for one year.  When we were dating, he was really sweet and kind. He was caring and generous to me. However, the first time he destroyed my property was one day when an old school mate called me out of the blues. I was excited because I haven’t heard or spoken to this person since we graduated from Uni. So in that excitement, we spend about half an hour on the phone, catching up on old times and asking after our old school friends. My husband( who was at the time my boyfriend) got angry, and left the room for the duration of the call. Once I was done with the call, I went to him to see where he was at. He got angry and demanded to know who I was talking to, I explained everything to him, but that wasn’t good enough for him. He took my iphone and smashed it on the floor, and then he took my sim card and flushed it in the toilet.

I got angry and left his house.  By the time I got to my house, I noticed that he’s been calling my home phone, but I didn’t answer him, I refused to talk to him for days. A few days later, he showed up at my work place with a new iphone, begging me to forgive him for being jealous. He promised never to do it again, and he actually never did…that is until we got married.

These days, when we get in an argument, he goes after my expensive outfits shoes, and even my Peruvian hair. He would pour kerosene on them and set them on fire.  And after a few days, he would replace them with new item. I am so confused. I am newly wed, and still on the honeymoon faze. We decided that we were going to wait a few years before having kids, and I am beginning to think that was a good idea because I don’t want to bring a child into this kind of situation.

Please help me…I need advice


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13 thoughts on “My Husband Burned My Clothes, Shoe, Phones, & Even Hair And Makeup

  1. personally i would leave and get a divorce. the next thing he will put on fire is you. i wouldnt , definately wouldnt bring a child in to this marriage. if he doesnt want to get help then leave for your safety. good luck

  2. My dear kindly please leave before u become a single mother.uve seen and heard enough now it time to take out please.if u tell ur pastor and a counselor or if u sit down with him and talk and if it don’t work then tll him good bye.

  3. He has some deeply rooted anger and self esteem issues. I dated someone like your husband. He would act out then beg for forgiveness.I broke off the engagement but ended up having his child. Big mistake. My son is beautiful but unfprtunately my ex still has issues so it makes co parenting seem impossible.I wish I wouldve been strong enough to walk away. Change starts and ends with him and chances are things wont get any better until he accepts accountability for his actions, admits that he has a problem and seeks some professional help. Best wishes to you. If you dont get out of this relationship you will have a broken heart for sure

  4. Sincerely you need to pray for him in your closet. Bt when you noticed this sort of behaviour b4 u got married you shouldn’t have gone ahead with the wedding hoping he would change afterwards. A leopard cannot change its skin except thru God’s divine intervention. I would have suggested that you had tried him again when you were stil dating and see if he would act in such a manner then you can now sit and think it over b4 u say “yes,I do”. Bt its too late now. Best solution is to simply go on ur knees and pray and God will make a way.
    Do stay blessed in your home and endeavours.

  5. Sis, it is time to leave that house.
    He needs therapy and Jesus. But, you will need to leave while God is working on him because he sounds dangerous enough to kill. I’m very serious, his behavior demonstrates an escalation – before he smashed, now he’s using fire, perhaps next it will be damage to your body. Please. I beg you. Find a support system – sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, parents and tell them what has happened. They need to support you while you leave for him to go to God for redemption. If he is refusing to get help, you really need to leave because he is not even willing to fix what is clearly a problem. If he is not willing to get help, you may need to consider leaving the marriage completely, but please pray before such a decision as I am not someone who promotes divorce.
    My prayer is that he is redeemed by the Lord and learns how to deal with his anger more constructively as well as to relax and not get angry about small things like this. If you are a believer, please seek the Lord’s face for his hand to protect you.

  6. You should practice situational awareness. You may care about this person but you need to recognize the signs of an abusive person. If he is breaking and burning your things, this is a VERY bad sign. I don’t see how you can be in any “honeymoon phase”. I would be terrified. This man is clearly signaling to you that he doesn’t know how to handle the simplest things. He could do worse. You don’t want to stick around to find out. Being alone is hard, but its better to be alone and safe than in danger with another. Take care of yourself.

  7. When people show you who they are…Believe them. Get out before you have children. Have you watched “For Colored Girls”? ( you should watch it if you haven’t already). If you have children, what do you think will happen then? He destroys your most prized possessions, what will stop him from doing that to your children. Unless he becomes a true Man of God, the road goes down hill the longer you stick around

  8. dear girl i’ll advice u seek god in things like this i dont think dats just jealousy he needs some rehab process if not u’ll be crippled one day

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  10. My hubby of 20 years burnt my whole wardrobe full of clothes after we had an argument, he had been drinking so i left our home and went to my daughters home, went home in the morning to find he had had a bonfire of the whole of my wardrobe, do you think this is mental health?

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