My boyfriend slapped me across the face during sex?

I just started seeing this guy, and I really like him so far. He’s very sweet and kind, as far as I can tell, and doesn’t seem like the type to get aggressive with anyone. We have so much in common and he’s really funny.

Last night, we had sex for the first time and it was a lot rougher than I’ve ever experienced before.. like he was pulling my hair and choking me, and he did all this without any warning. Then he asked me if I “liked it rough” and when I responded “kinda” he slapped me across the face. I was really shocked and unsure what to do because he kept just having sex with me. That wasn’t at all what I meant by “rough sex” and I feel like that’s something that you don’t do to someone without knowing it’s what they want.
I have been choked during sex before but never as hard as I was choke last night. I mean, I kinda like it rough but not that rough.

I can’t tell if he slapped me because he thought that’s what I wanted or because he wanted to do it. I know he just got out of a relationship so he might be transferring his ex’s sexual preferences onto me.
Should this be some kind of warning sign that he isn’t as nice as I think? Or do you think that simply telling him that I’m not into that sort of stuff will be enough?

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8 thoughts on “My boyfriend slapped me across the face during sex?

  1. To be able to slap a woman in the face like that is a show of some aggression. When things really fall apart in your relationship do not be surprised if this man not only slap you but with some kick, for a lesson to always follow your mind. More so, not to ignore any sign. Not the least. Because in my experience ladies who want it that way most likely going to say it. Even pilot you to it. You likely going to her expression of satisfaction when you hit the note. Hence do not accommodate abuse for too long, express your disatisfaction.

  2. I just met a guy I have been talking to for a couple months for the first time. We ended up having sex (which is something I would NEVER do outside of being in a committed relationship) and he did all of the above. I am very taken aback by it. I don’t know what to think. During our conversations and out in pubic together he was very gentle and kind, well mannered, but then this happens. So frustrating. And almost disappointing. As said, I would have thought he would ask me or something before just hauling off and slapping me across the face.

  3. Its probably a turn on for him. Either that or it just felt so good. If you don’t want it “that rough” than just tell him. Communication saves relations. People like different things- me personally the rougher the better, then sometimes not so rough, but I say what I want if its not what I am getting so he knows to calm down or move faster. I think you’ll be alright. There are other signs of him being abusive you’ll recognize if he is that type of guy. For now he a freak- lol

  4. Same thing happened. Here’s my story. Just met. Been very less time to know. But yeah, at first he seemed and did like this love making guy who would never want to ‘fuck’.

    He challenged to see who gets tired of stealing sweet kisses.

    He has a fantasy of school girls. So, well I dressed in a frock dress and boots and tied my hair up like a school girl. And whoa, he was some other man this time.

    He started with ‘Aren’t you happy to see me?’
    And next thing was pinning up to wall, hungry, wild kisses that just won’t stop even for breath.
    And he was damn wild. He did slap across the face a few times without warning. Not just once.
    It wasn’t hurting but still! What does that attitude show?

    He had pulled my hair to kiss earlier. Somehow it felt good with him. Won’t let anyone do it.

    But well, what kind of a turn on is that?

    He was the man who had said he won’t want to spank because he is not the saddist kind. Won’t want to hurt me. And slapping across the face is ok? So many times?

    I didn’t say anything in between. But after I slapped him too with sane slow intensity asking him what that was. He slapped me back, thinking I was cool. I slapped back and he too. You know more like a pat. But why?

    Is it normal? Or is it the feeling that she’s my bitch?

    Later after thinking a lot, I said you can slap anywhere but NOT on face

  5. My boyfriend slaps me in the face sometimes light face slaps or hard ones . I think he likes it somehow turns him on to feel dominant over me. so I’m okay with it.he Rarely chokes me. I don’t know about your part. But my boyfriend does that cause he has that weird face slapping fetish and does that when he thinks if been really bad. Why not try doing it to him as well the impact will make him realise it hurts to you just as much as it is to him…check out other signs if you think he might be violent

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