Must Read: Jada Pinkett-Smith Writes Beautiful Love Letter to Mothers for Mother’s Day…


The beautiful mother-of-two shares the beautiful birthday message on her Facebook page to mark Mother’s Day. She wrote;


My love letter to Mothers

We are all born free. It’s our birthright, yet we continuously choose to construct belief systems with glass ceilings. The art form of mothering is no exception. Whether we are the stay-at-home mom, the single mom, the “do it by the book” mom, the working mom or, like me, the “unconventional mom”; no matter what category we fall into, we have all, at some point, been made wrong on how we have chosen to mother our children. No matter our approach, the art of mothering is inextricably connected to shame and guilt. But here’s a little secret…none of us should feel guilt or shame because none of us are wrong. There is no one way, one system or approach to raising and loving our children. The art form of mothering is innate and a communication from her soul to her child’s spirit which is deeply specific and never a carbon copy of another’s spirit, not even herself. In fact, the mothers to which they are born to, are equally as unique. So how could, or better yet, WHY should one approach to mothering look like any other?

Today, to all the mommies…I just want to say…you’re right! We are doing one of the most important jobs the universe has to offer and we are doing it the way we know best for today. And yes…I’m the proud bonus mother of a 22 year old who is journeying to define his independence through a world that can be harsh to a giving soul at times. I’m also the proud mother of a 16 year old boy who is as comfortable in a dress as he is with a drill in his hand, and that of a 14 year old girl who spends most of her days lost in trees…with her crystals…pondering physics. Yup…that’s my other worldly trio and you know what…I’m damn proud! I believe no matter your “mommy-get-down” you should be proud too. People will always talk and have something to say no matter how perfect or imperfect our mothering may be. So…On this Mother’s Day, my hope for you is…that you simply live your truth, love yourself and your kids hard, and if you’re smiling and they’re laughing…job…well…done:)

Happy Mother’s Day, you beautiful women:)



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