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Mel B appears on X-Factor on Sunday with no ring and severely bruised face and body, she moves out of home days later

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Mel B’s husband Stephen Belafonte fought off several reports that he physically assaulted his wife. Fans attacked him on social media forcing him to respond;


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The former Spice Girls group member was reportedly admitted in the hospital for a few days, causing her to miss a taping of the EX-Factor where she is a judge. And then on Sunday, Mel appeared on the show with bruises on her face and body but without her wedding ring.

And just one day later, a new development reveals that the singer has moved out of the home she shared with her husband of seven years.

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Via MSN:

Mel B has taken a break from her seven year marriage to Stephen Belafonte. The former Spice Girl has reportedly walked out on Stephen Belafonte with their seven year marriage on ”life support”.

”It was a very symbolic gesture when she removed her wedding ring before appearing on ‘The X Factor’ final on Sunday (12.14.14) night.”She knew what she was doing and wanted to send Stephen a clear message about her feelings.”The 39-year-old singer – who has Madison, three with Stephen and Phoenix Chi, 15 and Angel, seven from previous relationships – was reportedly forced to suffer her hospital stint on her own, with Stephen not calling or visiting her once.

The source continued: ”Mel hasn’t spoken to Stephen once since her admission to hospital last week and as it stands she doesn’t want to see him.

”He didn’t come to the hospital at all. It’s a very sad state of affairs given she could have died.

”Everyone around her is encouraging her to stay strong and to leave him for good this time because they don’t believe their relationship is healthy.”

”Last week everything escalated and there were a number of very big rows before Mel ended up in hospital.”Her stress levels are very high and most of her good friends and colleagues were encouraging her to take time out from Stephen.”That’s now what she’s doing, but the question is for how long?”



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