What? Man sold his wife and kid for N270k

According to IG user, Adamslimshow, the man pictured above sold his family for N270k. Read her story below:

Goat style or Malu style.
The bible says “suffer not the witch to live” N270k for wife & daughter. He said d deal was 200k for d wife, they asked if he culd add d daughter for additional 70k & d deal is YES.
God pls let dis woman & d daughter escape to share her testimony. Pls these pple are body organs buyers, nothing like ritualists. They kill for kidneys & hearts, they make millions trafficking body parts & pay peanuts to d idiots.
Dis winchhh begged me to plead on his behalf bt i said “No I will help u put d video to d world”
Culdnt sleep all nite…trauma trauma trauma…

Pt 2 of the video showed the man who sold wife & daughter for N270k.

Finally driven away by the police , somewhere else in lagos he wuld have been prob killed by d mob.Dts d brother inlaw slapping him , culd more slaps bring bak d sister? 😢😢This crook jumped more than ten fences b4 getting to our estate, he ended up in a church and God arrested him. The long hand of God.

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