Man kills his 4 kids, tried to kill wife, then called the cops to report his crime [video]

At 1:30 in the morning, Dearborn Heights, Michigan police received a call from Gregory Green informing them that he murdered his family. When the police arrived, he was waiting on the porch.

They had no idea what was in store. Gregory Green murdered his 2 children, his 2 stepchildren, and tried to kill his wife but he was unsuccessful. To make matters worse, he bound his wife with tape and shot her two children in front of her. He wanted to see her suffer.


Gregory Green,49, was married to woman named Faith Harris who had a smile that would light up the room. She married Green in 2010. It’s not clear how they met. It’s unclear if she knew of his criminal past or that he had just been released from prison that same year. However, Faith was described as a loving person and maybe she believed that everyone deserved a second chance.

Faith Harris wasn’t Green’s first wife. In fact, in March of 92′ he was convicted of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of his wife that was 6 months pregnant. In a eerie similarity, he also called the police and informed them of his first wife’s death. For that crime, he served 16 years with 4 failed parole attempts due to his lack of remorse. However, after taking some cognitive-based programs, he proved that he was rehabilitated and was given parole in 2008 while discharged in April of 2010.

According to Detroit Fox 2 News, Green murdered his biological children, 5-year-old Koi Green and 4-year-old Kaliegh Green, who were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in a car and their bodies were later moved inside the home. Then, he murdered his 17-year-old stepdaughter, Kara Allen and 19-year-old stepson, Chadney J. Allen, were shot execution style in the basement of their home. They found his 39-year-old wife in the basement of the home, bound with duct tape and zip ties. Green allegedly bound his wife, cut her face with a box cutter, and shot her foot killing her two older children in front of her, authorities said.

Gregory Green had murdered 2 of his own children but all 4 of the children belonged to his wife. The details of what happened Wednesday morning is still emerging and are unclear. Sources claim that Gregory was upset because his wife wanted a divorce and he believed she was unfaithful. Sadly, what is clear is that Faith and Gregory had a troubled marriage with domestic issues.

In 2013, she filed a police report stating the following: “He is trying to make me leave our home. We’re filing for divorce. He’s being belligerent, kicking things. He kicked the couch while the baby was sleeping on it. He’s just kicking things, threatening me and saying if I don’t leave, things are going to get ugly.

He jumped at me like he was going to attack. This went on for four hours.” Trying to protect herself and her children, Green requested a personal protection order, but it was denied because of insufficient allegations. Yet, she didn’t give up. Faith tried to leave him again. Green filed for divorce in January 2014, but since no action was taken after the filing, the case was dismissed.

Last month, Green filed for divorce again, saying there had been a breakdown in the marriage and that there was no reasonable likelihood that the marriage could be preserved. Faith was trapped and couldn’t seem to get out. Neighbors commented that Faith Green didn’t socialize and lived like a prisoner. Mayor Dan Paletko said in a press conference this news is devastating for the community, and is difficult to understand. “Probably the same question you have is the one I have – what’s the motivation of the perpetrator?” he said. Sadly, this is the question we all have.


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