Man caught smuggling four gold bars hidden in his rectum after airport security noticed him walking funny…lol

A man has been arrested at Sri Lanka’s international airport after allegedly smuggling gold bars hidden in his rectum. The 42-year-old was caught by customs officials at Bandaranaike International Airport after they noticed he was ”finding it hard to walk’.

Upon closer inspection, the man, who claimed to be working for the Sri Lankan government, was found to have hidden four 100g gold bars in his rectal cavity.

The man, from a suburb of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, had been spotted by customs staff after arriving on a midnight flight from Singapore. Seeing that the man was ‘walking suspiciously,’ airport security stopped to search him, custom’s spokesman Leslie Gamini told the BBC.

Officials found 400g of gold, in the form of four bars, hidden in his rectum. The gold is reportedly worth around two million Sri Lankan rupees (£9,350)

He claimed to be ‘Coordinating Secretary to the Ministry of Post, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs,’ according to Sri Lankan newspaper The Nation. The man has now been arrested pending investigation.

According to Sri Lankan officials, more than 70 people have been arrested for smuggling gold in 2015 alone.



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