Lupita & Her Stylist on the Cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Most Powerful Stylists’ Issue


Lupita Nyong’o clearly became the newest red carpet and fashion Icon not by accident, but because she and her stylist Michaela work tirelessly together to accomplish their fashion goals.



Check out why the Oscar winner and her Non-Stop co-star Michelle Dockery (that’s Lady Mary to our fellow “Downton Abbey fans”) are rocking the cover of The Hollywood Reporter


Lupita and her stylist Macaela Erlanger have taken the fashion world by storm.  So the stylist found herself atop the 25 Most Powerrful Stylists list in the new issue of THR.


Interestingly, Lupita’s co-star Michelle Dockery introduced her to Micaela while they were filming Non-Stop, as Michelle is also a client.  And the rest is history.



28-year-old Micaela dished on her collaboration with Lupita this Awards season saying:

“It’s been a whirlwind, that’s for sure…It’s the little touches that a stylist can do that can take an actress from being part of the pack into really standing out…Stardom is often built around fashion.”

“I think the moment that really changed the game was her in the red Ralph Lauren gown.  That, to me, really solidified her as an icon, as a star.”

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