Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna takes front row seat at the Miu Miu Paris Fashion Show

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The morning after Hollywood’s biggest award night, the A-listers jetted off to Paris Fashion Week—to the Miu Miu runway show. Among those who attended the Miu Miu Spring /Summer 2014 runway show our very own Lupita Nyong’o, who took front row seat with superstar Rihanna.

Lupita wore a black-cherry sweater on top a white shirt with Crystals- embroidered collar and cufflinks, and a pink powder mini skirt.  jacket Miu Miu cady black cherry-colored silk with embroidered collar with crystals, a white shirt with cufflinks cloquet and a mini skirt in pink faille powder. To complete the look, clay-colored crocodile bag with gold trim and cleavage in purple paint.  

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Rihanna choose a coat in black and red nappa sheepskin and a cashmere sweater inlay tobacco and corn Prada Fall / Winter 2014.


Rihanna and Lupita hung out and even took selfies. I guess this is the beginning of a good long friendship.elle-miu-miu-rihanna-lupita-nyongo-v

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