Lady attacks boyfriend with hot boiling oil over allegations that he impregnated another woman [photos]

The story was shared by someone who knew the couple very well. Apparently, the scorned lady at the top right photo viciously attacked her boyfriend with hot palm oil and disfigured her boyfriend over an allegations that he impregnated someone else. The source shared photos of the couple when the going was good, as well as several graphic photo of the man in the hospital after the attack, and wrote,

“Beware of whom you choose to be with. This is what a jealous girlfriend did to her boyfriend. Simply because she heard a rumour that he impregnated someone. Without finding out from the guy, She came to visit him on that evil day to pretend to pass the night. At midnight when he was asleep. She woke up, bleached red oil and poured it on the guy’s face and body. Then she ran away. She is nowhere to found. What a wicked heart. This is not tell me I tel you. I know them and I have seen them together having fun, playing, smiling and even eating together.” See the graphic photos below…

wicked3 wicked2

Just awful!


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