Khloe Kardashian’s Husband Lamar Odom Attacks And Trashes Paparazzo’s Car And Cameras Over Infidelity Questions


The former Lakers and Clippers forward was out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday when one paparazzo—allegedly approached him in his car and began asking pointed questions about the rumors that he had cheated on wife Khloe Kardashian with an exotic dancer.


Odom wasn’t too happy with the line of questioning, but initially kept his cool during the exchange.

“I would never cheat on my wife. That’s why I wear my wedding ring,” Odom said.

The nature of the conversation quickly changed when Odom began asking the photographer for his name and information.

“I’m gonna get out of the car and I’m gonna talk to you,” Odom said before the video went dark. But when the video returned, Odom was digging the paparazzo’s gear out of his car and tossing it into the street. A truckload of bystanders and several cameramen stood by watching as camera cases and expensive equipment hit the ground. SEE VIDEO BELOW; 

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