Kenyan woman set cheating husband’s car on fire in a fit of rage [photos]

Feeling hurt and betrayed, a Kenyan woman set her unfaithful husband’s car ablaze after she caught him cheating with another lady. The cheating husband then man got the police involved who are now they are investigating the situation. See the photo of the torched car (a Toyota Allion) below…


The police said that their investigations are yet to establish the truth of the matter.

“Yes, we have that report that a car was burnt down on Sunday but we have not confirmed if it is the man’s wife who did it,” Mr Ringera told Nairobi News on phone.

A message that that has gone viral on social media claims that the wife pulled the stunt after getting wind that her randy husband had gone to spend the night at his lover’s house in Rongai after a night out. The couple who have two children together cannot be named for legal reasons.


The message that was sent out contained pictures of the man and his new catch having fun in an identified club. It also has pictures of the vehicle both before and after it was burnt down, as well as a screenshot of the couple’s Facebook update showing that they got engaged on October 27, 2013.


She must have felt really hurt.

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