Kanye West Accusing Beyoncé of Theft? You’ll Never Believe Why!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take a stroll in New YorkKanye West may have fame, fortune, and everything else that many people only dream about, but the rapper wants more — specifically, he wants what Beyoncé has.

According to RadarOnline.com, Ye is miffed that Bey is riding high on the success of her recent visual album, because the Yeezus rapper thinks he had the   idea before her.

“Kanye is feeling really defeated over Beyonce’s album doing so well,” says a source close to the rapper. “He wanted to do a visual album for his [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy] album, but everyone around him convinced him it wouldn’t work. That’s why he ended up doing one long movie to go with it [the 35-minute short film, ‘Runaway’].”

While “Runaway” certainly hasn’t gotten the fangirl treatment Beyonce’s self-titled album has, Kanye’s doing his best to keep the green-eyed monster at bay and stay on good terms with Queen Bey and her hubby, to whom Kanye owes a great deal of his success.

“He’s kind of annoyed, but he doesn’t want to talk about how he came up with the idea first because of how he got slammed for saying he invented leather jogging pants a few years ago. Plus, he needs to stay on good terms with Jay Z.”

With stellar ideas like heat stroke-inducing, nearly immobilizing workout clothes, does this genius even have to worry about competition in the music game?

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