K. Michelle Sends Video Message To Idris Elba & All The Men She Dated In 2014…And Boy, She Got Around!




She’s still on the thirst drive, I see. K. Michelle sends a very weird video message to all the men she claim she dated in 2014. The singer posted a video meme of her alleged lovers, and boy did she get around in 2014.


Its a brand new year. How about you focus on making good music as oppose to worry and carrying on about the men who got away, K? I hope this is the last we hear about these men from you.



Some women display such childish behavior and then wonder why grown men do not stick around for them. She seem to have some real boundary issues and I’m sorry, but no one in their right mind would stick around long enough for that. Anyways, watch the video, below;



If video doesn’t show, click here-I thought we’d get to see forever

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