Justin Beiber Caught Peeing On Janitor’s Mop Bucket-How Low Is That?!

A NEW video shows pop star Justin Bieber urinating into a mop bucket at a restaurant as his friends egg him on.


 The singer, who appears to be drunk in the video, laughs with friends as he pees into a janitor’s bucket, TMZ reports.

The footage was unknowingly recorded at a New York restaurant by a paparazzi, while Justin and his entourage were sneaking out of a nearby nightclub through the restaurant kitchen, when Bieber whips down his saggy harem pants pants and lets fly.

As security looks on, his friends try to convince the restaurant they’ll forever remember the day Justin Bieber urinated in their restaurant.

Bieber also shows some rage for Bill Clinton, spraying some cleaning fluid on a photo of the former US President and swearing “F*** Bill Clinton!”

The singer has been in the spotlight for his increasingly out-of-control behaviour, including allegations of speeding near children in his posh gated community and attacking a paparazzi photographer in Europe after leaving hospital.




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