Jane & Cephas’s Military Wedding-Zambia [Photos]



We are so please to be featuring Jane Mulimine and Cephas Mudaala’s white wedding. The military wedding ceremony took place at the Zaf Chamba Valley in Zambia. The theme was purple and yellow. The groom is a member of the Zambia Air Force Military staff.


We wish the couple marital bliss. More photos, below;



Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-00 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-01 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-02 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-03 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-04 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-05 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-06 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-07 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-08 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-09 Jane-Cephas-wedding-JadeAfrican-10

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