Jamaican man cuts off wife’s head after DNA test proves none of the six kids are his…

A Jamaican man reportedly cut off the head of his wife in st Andrews after DNA test proved that none of the children are his.

According to local newspapers, mother of 6, Karen Rainford was beheaded by her husband after the unfortunate discovery. It was reported that days leading up to the murder, the alleged father , after finding out through DNA tests that the children did not belong to him, cut his locks and told people close to him that he would kill her.

Friends said that Rainford would often visit the man’s place of employment in an effort to collect child support. The father was said to be angry that she had followed him from site to site embarrassing him for child support perhaps knowing that the children were not his…This is what was said to have caused him to kill her

Source: boneyaad.net


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5 thoughts on “Jamaican man cuts off wife’s head after DNA test proves none of the six kids are his…

    1. This is one horrifically disturbing story. I don’t want to imagine what insanity this man was forced to experience and I’m not in his shoes however God is the ultimate judge. Who’s caretaking these kids? They’re the victims!

  1. Daaayyyuuummmm! He knew something was up way earlier in the game. He ignored the signs. The kids loose in the end. I wonder if they did a second test just in case the lab made a mistake and used the wrong male!! IJS, she knew going for child support would warrant a DNA test to legitimize the kids so that the child support could be enforced.

    1. Very good question. Did they run multiple tests to make sure no errors were made? Probably not, given the cost they probably only tested 2 and decided that was enough to convict, kill & condemn. Sincerley hope these suspicions are well off base…smh

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