Instagram model claims she’s PREGNANT with Drake’s baby

An Instagram model named Layla Lace is claiming Drake knocked her up when they met up in England two months ago. Sharing alleged screenshots of their texts, Lace blasted the “Fake Love” rapper on her Instagram, accusing him of ghosting her after she informed him of the pregnancy.

Hip Hop My Way reports:

She said on Instagram that Drake wasn’t returning her calls and that it must just be how things are nowadays. She went on, saying that she never asked for a dime from the rapper, and that she did everything he told her to. Now he’s not talking to her, and she has to deal with it all alone.

At the end of all of it, she posted texts between her and Drake, but she has since deleted them and made her Instagram account private. Texts are easily faked nowadays, but these do look pretty convincing…

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